2018 Ride The East – Matamoras to Easton

Mileage – 75.9 miles

Day 5 of tour and now feel I have once again adjusted to the daily routine.  The start times in the mornings are always either 07:30 or if we are lucky 08:00 and I always aim to be out of bed 90 minutes before we are due to leave.  I usually lay my cycle kit out the night before, have all my lights and GPS fully charged and on the bike and my bags packed.  All that is then left to do is pack my soap bag, take my bags to the van for loading and then back to the room to collect my bike.  Having been on the road for nearly 7 weeks in 2016 with Crossroads and now a further 3+ weeks with America By Bicyle I like to feel that I have the morning routine cracked and planned very much like a military operation.  Sometimes, as was the case this morning the elevators are a little slow and if everyone is trying to use them together then things can get a little chaotic.

This morning was a little foggy when we set off but this soon cleared and the temperature once again started to rise.  Our first stop of the day came just after 6 miles when we had to walk our bikes over the Delaware river again and enter the state of New Jersey where we stopped for a quick photo opportunity.  We then entered the Delaware Gap Recreational area where we followed the river for several miles.  The road in places was not particularly good with many potholes and craters which required maximum concentration.  I rode with Dan, Paul, John and Jo for several miles along the route today.


The first SAG came at mile 17.7 and after a quick stop because of small annoying bugs we hit the road again. At mile 28 we hit the biggest and longest climb of the day on very uncomfortable road surfaces. In places the incline hit around 18% and I confess I stopped a couple of times on the 1.5 mile climb to admire the view!  After this the road rolled along beside the river and at mile 41.8 we again walked our bikes across the bridge across the Delaware river.


By now it was getting really hot and staying hydrated was my biggest concern.  At mile 46.7 we reached the SAG, restocked quickly with fluids and headed out, hoping to get to the hotel before the afternoon sun really took hold. I stopped at a little town called Riverton and bought some lunch and a strawberry milk shake before heading off for the final 20 miles of the day.

it was now very hot and I began to suffer but knew that I had to keep going. I stopped every 5 miles or so just to take on board liquids and was very pleased to reach the outskirts of Easton shortly before 15:00.  As I rounded a corner to once again cross the mighty Delaware river I came across the group who I had ridden earlier in the day with at a ice cream/shake parlour so had to stop for another strawberry shake.   The final few miles to the hotel were laboured as I sensed we were all feeling the effects of the heat and the longish ride.

Tonight we ate at a local restaurant very close to the hotel.