Day 21 – Donauworth to BadGogging

After a lovely evening last night visiting an old friend and work colleague in Donauworth it was back to the grindstone this morning with a 62 mile ride to BadGogging.  I say ‘grindstone’ in a very loose sense because this is a fantastic adventure and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Today’s ride was a little tense to start with as we had been advised that reception at the hotel in BadGogging closed at 16:00 so we were initially cycling to make the deadline which is not particularly good fun.  However, later in the day MaryClare gets a message from the hotel advising of alternative checking arrangements should we not meet the 16:00 cut off so the pressure was off.

Initial rollout from Donauworth was at 08:30 and immediately we were hit by rolling terrain. However, after a few sharp climbs and descents the terrain leveled out and for the remainder of the day we cycled on quite flat country lanes or gravelled pathways.

We stopped in a small shady area just before Ingolstadt be and had our lunch and then arrived in the town just as a Triathlon was taking place.  We eventually weaved our way around the city avoiding the various road closures and settled down to the remaining 20 or so miles on gravelled pathways.

We arrived at the hotel shortly after 15:00 and after doing some laundry met up for a beer before eating dinner tonight at a local Greek restaurant