Day 22 – BadGogging to Straubing

The hotel last night in BadGogging was really good and I had a nice apartment overlooking the street. Only downside was people were still talking in the street until after midnight but I was so tired I soon dropped off to sleep.

This morning I awoke to glorious blue skies and it remained like that all day with really pleasant temperatures for riding.  We left at 08:30 and hit our only climb of the day at around mile 10.  It was steep in places and my legs were working hard to keep the bike moving. The final part of the climb was on forest tracks and it was soo good to reach the top and descend into the town of Hohenpfahl where we briefly stopped on a bridge over The Danube before moving on to Kelheim which was a pretty, if somewhat newish type of place.

We stopped for lunch at Regensburg where a lot of The Danube river cruises start and finish. Unlike Kelheim it has a lot of history and the town was quite busy with tourists.

After lunch it was pretty much heads down to get us to Straubing. It was getting hot now and the heat saps the energy. We were fortunate in that the roads were fully tarmac’d and so we were able to ride in a pace line pretty much all the way into town.

We checked in, dumped our bags and then sat outside in the street with a nice cold beer. It had been a long day, but weatherwise, the best day of our trip.