Day 42 – Crivina to Vidin

Today was a longish ride of just over 70 miles but we were heading for a rest day in Vidin, Bulgaria, which after 10 days of continuous cycling I was really looking forward to.

We left Crivina at 08:30 after a really nice stay with our guests and straightaway we hit a short, sharp climb to get the heart pumping. However with that behind us we rolled along, sometimes in small groups and sometimes alone just enjoying the freedom and the scenery around us.

We stopped at exactly halfway and found a small supermarket, bought our lunch and then sat outside with some Spanish workers. Fortunately. MaryClare was able to use her Spanish to communicate with them and we stayed for around 30 minutes before heading on.

The road continued for several more miles, a very quiet road, before we arrived at a junction and joined a major road that would take us to the border crossing into Bulgaria.

About 5 miles before the border we came across lorries backed up at the side of the road awaiting to cross the bridge from Romania. Apparently, often the wait can be up to 15 hours to get across.  We however, skirted down the side of the queue and eventually arrived at the border control point. We presented our passports to the Romanian official who then passed it to the Bulgarian official sat next to him – seemed like a quite efficient system.

There was a cycle path across the bridge into Bulgaria and we stopped at the midpoint to take photographs.  The Danube at this point is very wide and we have now been following it for several weeks.

After crossing it was around 6 miles to our hotel and a well deserved rest. We celebrated our arrival with several beers tonight and a nice meal at the hotel.  Tomorrow I intend to spend very quietly preparing myself for the final push to our end goal, The Black Sea.