Day 43 – Rest Day (Vidin)

It is rest day, it is raining and I have a cold, or something like that!  I have had something brewing for the past couple of days, sore throat, runny nose, all the normal cold like symptoms. I managed to ditch the sore throat by drinking some local liquor that our host in Crivina gave us with our evening meal so that is a plus I suppose.

Slept really well last night, not waking until 08:00 this morning and was first down to breakfast.  The others are off to see a local fort this morning but I decided a quick walk around Vidin would suffice for me.  From the short walk I took it is not the most attractive of towns so called into the supermarket on the way back and stocked with supplies.

At some point today I will venture down to where our bikes are being stored and clean and lube my drivetrain ready for tomorrow. There is more rain forecast for tomorrow so any cleaning I’m going to do today will see all of it wiped out in the morning.  I will also pack my bags later in readiness for tomorrow.

We have less than 700 miles left to cycle, the next couple of days being 87 and 77 miles respectively and then the mileage drops to around 55 miles or so average each day.  We have a ferry to cross tomorrow which takes us back over The Danube and into Romania again. The ferry runs every 2 hours so getting the timing right is going to be key or we could be hanging around waiting but I will leave that problem to our logistics team to worry about.

I’m now going to spend the rest of the day just chilling out and resting, sat on my balcony overlooking the wonderful view I have of Vidins’ railway infrastructure!