Day 44 – Vidin to Bechet

And so into the final run to Constanta and The Black Sea.  Just 11 days of cycling and under 700 miles left to travel.

Having spent most of yesterday’s rest day in Vidin lying on my bed nursing my cold (or whatever it was) I didn’t sleep too well last night. I guess I was a little worried as to whether I would be up to riding the planned 86 miles today although there was little options available to me other than to take a bump and get a taxi to Bechet.

The plan was to ride almost all of the route in Bulgaria and then take a ferry across The Danube to Bechet in Romania where we were staying the night.  The ferry ran every 2 hours so getting the timing right was quite critical otherwise we could be hanging around waiting for the next crossing.  The other options was to back-track to the bridge crossing we came over from Romania into Bulgaria the day before yesterday and then cycle to Bechet on the Romanian side of The Danube. Whilst back tracking is not a good idea the benefit was that there would be less climbing and more importantly 17 less miles.  I discussed this option at breakfast and it was agreed unanimously that saving 17 miles was a good option and a new route was hastily put together.

We set off around 08:45 and were back at the bridge border crossing and into Romania once again before 10:00.  We navigated the outskirts of Calafat and then found the road that would take us all the way to Bechet.

It was a good road, smooth and relatively quiet of traffic and we made good progress.  My symptoms seemed to improve as the day wore on and I was able to keep pace with the rest of the group.  We stopped at a supermarket and grabbed some refreshments and arrived at Bechet shortly before 15:00 having covered the last few miles at what seemed like a blistering pace.

The day turned out to be good in the end, we saw lots of locals along the way who all shouted and waved at us as we passed. Some children tried to cycle with us a couple of times and we did a few hand slaps as we passed kids on the side of the road. The Romanian people are extremely friendly and their drivers are courteous to cyclist most of the time.

We had dinner at the hotel this evening and now have just 10 days left to go. Tomorrow is our last day of riding in excess of 70 miles and I am looking forward to getting that one done and behind us.

Sadly, I didn’t take any photos again today so the ones I have in this blog are courtesy of my fellow riders – thanks guys.