Day 46 – Fantanele to Giurgiu

Today was the first of 3 days of riding 50 miles or less and so we afforded ourselves a later 09:00 start this morning.  We did manage a cup of coffee at the hotel before we left and I ate the remains of what I had for dinner last night which wasn’t much.  We planned to stop at the the first town of Zimnicea which was only 6 miles away and find a cafe and have a nice well deserved breakfast – sadly it wasn’t to be!

Arriving in Zimnicea, Lou had staked out a couple of potential restaurants – the first wasn’t open but directed us across the road to a bakery that sold coffee from a machine. It didn’t float my boat so I headed off the Carrefour just across the road and bought an iced Latte coffee and a large bottle of fizzy water, not the breakfast I was looking for.

We headed out and to be honest, I found today’s ride quite uninspiring. It was a long relatively straight roads with very little scenery to enjoy other than seeing the.hills where The Danube flowed away in the distance.  I guess the highlight was the locals shouting at us as we passed through their small towns, they are extremely friendly people and everyone either waves or shouts at us as we ride by.

We found a small shop about 25 miles into the ride and pulled over for a refreshing ice cream and sat outside the place for the best part of 20 minutes just chilling.  Eventually we decided that we still had another 20 miles to ride so headed out together and arrived in the town of Giurgiu shortly after 14:00.


This is the first hotel of the whole trip that effectively is unable to provide any proper bike storage. Our bikes are out in the street locked to a bike rack and hopefully they will still be there in the morning. None of us are very comfortable about this but we have no choice.  The only consolation is that there is 24 hour surveillance camera’s but that doesn’t really help us if the bikes get nicked – keeping our fingers crossed!